lunes, 7 de julio de 2008

Feminine and stylish Felt Handbag


Geetanjali Singh Jun 14 2008
I’m sure no girl would ever say no to designer clothes or accessories. Personally, I have a fetish for handbags and love to collect them in a variety of shapes and colors. If you too have the same craze for unique designer handbags then this felt handbag coming from the factory of Karina, in Peru, would be another asset to your most prized collection. Designer Vacide Erda Zimic creates this attractive handbag from recycled felt huts and it catches our fancy both for its innovative fabric and the hut contour styling given to it. Highly feminine in style and oozing out immense grace, its just the perfect one for an informal outing with friends or an outdoor gathering. Rating high on the style meter, I hope it is equally spacious as well.
Via: Designspotter